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Spencer Island

Spencer Island

Everett Wa.

(Spencer Island Butterfly) **This photo was accepted into the Washington State Photographer’s exhibition.**

Up until a few months ago I wasn’t even aware that Spencer Island existed. I must have driven by it hundreds of times while on I-5 or Hwy 2 and never knew that within the city of Everett existed a beautiful island inhabited by all kinds of birds and wildlife. Spencer Island is situated on the Snohomish River estuary. This is where the salt water from Port Gardner Bay and the freshwater from the Snohomish River meets. The first time I visited we took the trail that goes to the south of the island. I wasn’t too familiar yet with my whereabouts so I just chose this trail because I found the directions on a map. However, there are two ways to access Spencer Island. Both start primarily from the same area but this particular way (I’ll call it the south trail entrance) takes the long way around to the island. It was a nice walk and the Snohomish River is rushing past alot of the way. There were lots of waterfowl and we were able to see an Osprey flying to its nest. It’s about a 3 mile loop.

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