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Seattle Times Photos of the Year

As I was checking the weather at Seattle Times I noticed a link to the Seattle Times Photo of the Year winners. As I browsed through the top 10 “honorable mentioned” photos, commenting to myself about how great some of them were, I was shocked when I came upon one of my own photos!!


My photo of the “Crawling Sun Starfish” won an honorable mention award!! I am so excited. Mine was one of 10 photos that made the list.   Check out the link: Seattle Times Photos of the Year. I would have never known either if I hadn’t been checking our crazy weather.

Everett Herald “Cutest Dog Contest”


**This photo was also featured in the 2009 PAWS Chicago annual calendar for the month of January.**

About 2 months ago I entered a photo I took of my Golden Retriever “Honey” into the Everett Herald’s “Cutest Dog” contest. I had forgotten that I entered the photo until I received a call a few days ago from the Herald informing me that I won first place. As the grand prize winner I will receive 4 tickets to an Everett Aqua Sox game on the 16th, which is “Bark in the Park” day. All visitors can bring their canaine if they so choose. As the winner I also get to throw out the first pitch accompanied by Honey. Of course I won’t be doing this so I recruited my 13 year old to to do the honors.

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I recently found out that one of my older photos has been selected for inclusion in the newly released second edition of the Schmap Northwest Guide. (It was found through my Flickr  which I have been obsessed with lately). This photo was taken last October at Craven Farm while hunting for our Halloween pumpkins. I have a blog entry for the farm here, Craven Pumpkin Farm. My photo was selected for the Northwest Guide which can be found here, Schmap Northwest. I kinda wish they had selected one of my more favorite photos, but it is exciting nonetheless.

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Extreme Low Tide. Edmonds Wa.


“Crawling Sun Starfish”

**This photo was chosen for “Seattle Times Reader Photo of the Week” and will be featured in the NW Weekend section of the Seattle times, and at seattletimes.com on Thursday May 29, 2008

 More legs than the Rockettes-Seattle Times

** My photo of the “Crawling Sun Starfish” also won an honorable mention award for the Seattle Times Photos of the year for 2008!!

Photos of the year-Seattle Times


I love low tide. It’s one of my favorite activities here in Washington. I used to rush the kids to Mukilteo Beach everytime there was a really low tide, and now that they are older I think the enthusiasm has worn off. I, on the other hand, will cancel any and all plans just so I can experience the extreme low tides that come only a few times a year. During extreme low tides here the most amazing sea life is uncovered.

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