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The Little Free Library

 My Little Free Library


  Every morning as I walk my son to the bus stop we check our little free library and everyday there’s a new book or two and some are gone. This is a great feeling! We’ve had our little free library for about two months now and it’s so exciting to see it being used as much as it is. My neighbor said she has seen cars drive up with kids exchanging books. I love that a little box full of books is reaching so many people!

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Dungeness Recreation Area Campground

Dungeness Recreation Area Campground

Sequim Washington

Olympic Peninsula


Dungeness Recreation Area is known as the portal to the Dungeness Spit. When I found this out I was ecstatic! Dungeness Spit hike was on my to do list for a long time but since there is no overnight backpacking and I live hours (and a ferry ride) away I didn’t think it was possible. Since this campground is only half reserve-able and there were none left for that weekend, I felt anxious about chancing the drive all the way there. We planned this trip with our friends who couldn’t arrive until Friday night so we left early (6:30 am) Friday morning  in hopes that at least one camper would be leaving at a check out time. Fortunately for us several people were leaving, probably to avoid the busy weekend. The first site we found was decent but a little small for two families. We started to set up and noticed a couple packing up at what looked like a group site. They walked over to us as they were leaving and told us that their site was the best in the campground and that we should snatch it up before someone else grabbed it.

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Round Lake State Park, Idaho

Round Lake  State Park

Near Sandpoint Idaho


 Sunset from the Tromp the Swamp hike.

I asked my husband to find a state park in Northern Idaho near Silverwood theme park for our family vacation. I mentioned Priest Lake assuming that he would reserve one of their 435 campsites on the lake since it is so large and popular. When he told me he reserved a campsite for 3 days at a place called ‘Round Lake’ I was pretty annoyed. I gave him one thing to do and he found the smallest campground at a lake I had never heard of.  🙂 It was too late to change it, so I decided to make the best of it. I must say now that I was incredibly suprised at how beautiful, serene and awesome Round Lake was.

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Pearrygin Lake


Pearrygin Lake State Park

Methow Valley, North Central Wa.

August 30, 2007






Pearrygin Lake is located within minutes of Winthrop in North Central Washington. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never camped east of the Cascades, but to my surprise Pearrygin Lake is now one of my favorite places to camp. The set up is different then what I am used to. The campsites are different, much larger and more open with a little lack of privacy, but that is the only downside. There were more RV’s than we are used to as we are strictly tent campers, but that didn’t bother us at all.


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What is Geocaching?


Pronounced “geocashing” 

August 25th 2007  




You might be asking “what is geocaching?” I know I did. I knew it had something to do with the outdoors, so that was all I needed to begin researching. Geocaching is a global high tech treasure hunt using a GPS. (Global positioning systems) All over the world “caches” are hidden and  people search for them. Not that simple but it’s a start. It is widely popular with more than 200,00 caches hidden all over the world. (Four in my neighborhood alone!) People hide them in public places such as local parks, trails, state parks, and other interesting locations they want to share with the world.





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Kelcema Lake Hike

Kelcema Lake

Mountain Loop Hwy/Verlot

August 14th 2007



We have had our eye on this hike for quite some time. My friend and I have been trying to find the perfect hike for our kids to experience their first overnight backpacking experience. This hike is quite short with low elevation gain, which is perfect for younger kids who have never hiked in with gear before. Luckily, we thought we would take the afternoon to check it out before choosing it, which turned out to be a great idea. On this trail we also decided to experience our first Geocaching hike. If you have never heard of Geocaching come back here in a few days as I am planning to blog about our adventuresome new hobby. You can also go to www.geocaching.com.

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