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One year of Cairn subscription boxes!

2c-500x500 (1)   Over a year ago I signed up for the  Cairn subscription box. The Cairn Box is a monthly subscription based company that caters to hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. It’s about $29.00 a month, and I have been extremely satisfied thus far. I receive the box about mid-month and when I know it’s coming I find myself checking the mail with enthusiasm. When I initially considered subscribing, I tried to find a blog or video displaying the past boxes in detail. I couldn’t find anything. I gathered what info I could find and decided I’d try it for a few months.  I told myself that I would take a picture of the items each month and add it to my blog for others trying to decide if it was worth it.

Overall I am happy with the subscription. Of course, there were months when I said “are you kidding?” when I saw the contents, especially when I saw other other reviews and saw that they got better stuff than I did. It only happened once or twice and the next month usually made up for it. I also have to add that as you sign up you answer specific questions so they can customize your box, which is why you may get different items than other subscribers.

In each box, you usually get 1 pretty good item, 1 very interesting snack bar or drink mix and 1 or 2 smaller trinkets you wouldn’t normally think to purchase but usually ends up being useful. Each box comes with a newspaper explaining the contents and other information pertinent to the items, and every month you get a Cairn sticker. I have a collection of multi-colored Cairn stickers that I haven’t found uses for yet. The companies also offer discounts for some items if you want to purchase more.

Below you’ll find my favorite items that I either use every day or quite often.

The EcoVessel is a stainless steel insulated water bottles that I use every single day. It keeps your water cold and icy for over 24 hours! This goes with me everywhere and is constantly being used. It can be used for hot beverages also.


Serac Hammock and Straps

The Serac hammock came with all the straps and carabiners needed to use anywhere. It’s usually hanging in my yard or with me when I go camping.


LuminAID PackLite Max 2-In-1 Phone Charger

This is AMAZING! Not only is it bright enough to light up a tent or any dark area using solar power, but it also charges your phones! It’s also inflatable so it collapses flat for easy storing in a backpack or camping gear. It can hang in your tent and has levels of brightness. We also use this at home when we are sitting outside and need additional light.


The beanie and the headlamp came separately in two different boxes. This is not only useful for hiking, camping, and spelunking, I use this whenever I need to see in the dark and don’t have hands for a flashlight.

Below I have displayed 12 months of boxes in order of most recent. I hope this helps you decide if the Cairn subscription box is worth it.

Month 12

12 july 18

Month 11

11 jun 18


Month 10

10 may 18


Month 9

9 april 18

Month 8


8 march 18


Month 7

7 feb 18 (2)

Month 6




Month 5

IMG_6141 (1)


Month 4



Month 3



Month 2


Month 1

1 aug 17

The box below was my very first box which included the Serac hammock. It was a promotional box because it included this cool hammock. This promotional box helped me make up my mind. Cairn does this a few times a year so check the website in case they are offering this special type of box.


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