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The Little Free Library

 My Little Free Library


  Every morning as I walk my son to the bus stop we check our little free library and everyday there’s a new book or two and some are gone. This is a great feeling! We’ve had our little free library for about two months now and it’s so exciting to see it being used as much as it is. My neighbor said she has seen cars drive up with kids exchanging books. I love that a little box full of books is reaching so many people!


My husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas and without hesitation I said “for you to build me a little free library”. I’d been talking about getting one for the last 6 months after I had read on Facebook that a friend had one. I am a lover and collector of books and have always given books away to my children’s’ friends and anyone else I could find to share with. When i was a teenager my friend’s parents had a room full of books. Every kind of book you could imagine. I promised myself back then that I would have the same for my kids. So you now understand why I was so excited to hear about the Little Free Library movement. 🙂 086 The idea of a Little Free Library is basically a book exchange system. It’s a “take a book, leave a book” idea where anyone can take a book without worrying about late fees or bringing it back and they can leave a book to share with others. Here’s a quick video.

The Little free library isn’t just a Pacific Northwest thin. It’s not even localized to the USA, this is a worldwide movement. It started in 2009 in Wisconsin. By 2011 there were over 400 in the country so the founders decided to make it a formal non profit organization. Last year there were about 15,000 registered Little Free Libraries all over the world!


Click the box above to find a Little Library in your neighborhood.

To get started you need a library. You can actually purchase an Amish built library from the little free library website and they range from about $175 (bare bones kit) to over $1,000 for a custom built and painted library. The average price for a decent one like mine is about $250. I, fortunately, have a handy husband so mine was custom built just for me.It’s pretty basic but I have plans to customize it in the future.  People are very creative with their libraries. I’ve seen all kinds of themed libraries with very unique details. Here are a few of the more interesting ones I’ve seen online.





You can also register your library with the Little Free Library organization. For a small fee ($38) they will send you an official sign with your charter number to place on your library. (You can also request a custom sign for about $75).


You also get a steward’s packet loaded with brochures, bookmarks, stickers, labels and a steward’s guide. Upon registering they also give you the option to list your library on the website map so people can find you.


I have just learned that some people have Little Free Library geocaches!! If you don’t know what a geocache is click this link. I considered making mine a geocache but decided against it because I live on a quiet, kid friendly street and we don’t want any traffic other than the residents.

So hopefully I’ve inspired you to either build a little free library or go out and find one.  Please leave me a comment below if you have one, are getting one, want to get one or have any questions!

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One thought on “The Little Free Library

  1. I’ve yet to find a little free library, must track one down here in the UK. I can’t imagine anything better than a little free library with a geocache – that would be amazing! 😀


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