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Northwest Folklife Festival 2011


Folklife Festival 2011

Seattle Center


I went to Folklife this year with my 19 year old daughter.  The weather was perfect and we had a really great time enjoying the music and the people. People watching is one of my favorite activities and there were all kinds at Folklife this year. Some very talented ones, and some in need of a good bath. 🙂


My favorite part of the day was definitely the Rhythm Tent. All different types of people were participating in a drum circle, and what started with a few charismatic people jumping around in the middle turned into a dancing love fest of about 25 people thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Video footage of the drum circle below. The climactic finish is at the end of the video.


Even though the drummers were just random people who simply grabbed a drum or rhythm instrument and joined the circle, they all sounded really good together. 


“Legalize marijuana”

Along with all of the entertainment and great food, there was definitely a theme. Legalize marijuana signs were everywhere and so were the people smoking it.


This man was standing right by us, and to the left of him were 2 police officers. They didn’t seem notice what he was smoking, and if they did they certainly didn’t do anything about it.




There they are. 🙂


This guy was speed sketching. Looked like scribble to me, but I’m sure someone appreciated it.


LOTS of washboard musicians.


Even the kids were working the crowds.


To my surprise, the largest group gathered at Folklife was the square dancers in the Fisher Pavilion. There were hundreds of people square dancing and having the time of their lives.

I never knew square dancing was this popular!


Just a small snippet of the square dancers.


A tarot reader on his laptop. Made me laugh. My sister joked and said “he’s probably on learn tarot.com

The food was amazing, as always.


There were lots of juggling troupes. This one was my favorite. “The Juggling Jollies”.



All kidding aside,  I think what I love most about Folklife is that free feeling you have as you walk around,  combined with the idea that anything goes. My life as a Mom of 4 kids, a wife, and a member of the community has its limitations. My life is scheduled, polite and politically correct, most of the time. 🙂 Folklife gives you the opportunity to accept anything and think with a more open mind. I think it gives me a chance to release my ”inner hippie”. J  Can’t wait ’till next year!


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One thought on “Northwest Folklife Festival 2011

  1. I cannot express to you, how much I appreciate this article, the pics, the videos…amazing! I completely relate to your statement regarding “the free feeling” and motherhood/wife situation. I miss this scene so much…it seriously brought tears!


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