Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Downtown Seattle Wa.

Seattle Washington

Spring 2011 

Slow exposure photography taken from the Jose Rizal Bridge in south Seattle near I9o.

 I have wanted to try this for a long time after reading up on this particular bridge

 which is well known for slow exposure Seattle shots. When I arrived there were

3 other photographers alreadyset up with their tripods and cameras.

I had to find a spot where I wouldn’t be in someoneelse’s shot. When they

had all left I was able to get this shot of the rail which I felt added depth to the photo.

In this photo you can see I5, the Columbia building and downtown Seattle. I love how blue the sky

was and  how it contrasts with the lights from the buildings.

This is one of my favorites.You can see Safeco Field, the glowing red light of Qwest Field and I90

drivers zipping by. In the upper left corner you can see a slow exposure shot of an airplane.

 I really like the sunbursts that were created from the lights.

This was a lot of fun even though the bridge shook everytime a bus went by. The traffic on the

 bridge makes it tough to get a perfect shot. The slightest vibration will cause your lines to blur.

 To get these shots you must have a sturdy tripod, and a shutter cable release is helpful.

You can use your camera timer if you dont have one, but if you try to press the shutter

button on your camera your shot will probably end up blurry.


Below is a google map for the Dr Jose Rizal Bridge. 


This was taken from my car window as I drove by.

Seattle from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill. It was a bright, sunny day and you

can barely see Mt Rainier.  Next time I will try for sunset or sunrise.

What an awesome location for the perfect Seattle scene.

Below is a google map for Kerry Park. 


My son loved looking through the telescope.

Another “out of the window shot” as my husband drove quickly by. This of course is the Columbia Building.

This is just a random building but the colors drew my attention. Hundreds of people probably drive

by everyday not noticing this colorful facade.

This was a perfect day for visiting Seattle. I love where I live!


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2 thoughts on “Downtown Seattle Wa.

  1. Great shots Annie! However, you will have to change you’re quote about Qwest field… It’s changing names this week. Something like Centurion field? I can’t remember exactly, but it’s been in the news today.


  2. Great shots!
    The pacific northwest is definitely amazing!


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