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Back to Picture Lake

Picture Lake/Heather Meadows

Mt Shuksan/Mt Baker.

Mt Baker Snoqulamie National Forest


I visited Picture Lake a while back with a friend and was hoping to get a perfect shot of Mount Shuksan reflecting in the lake. Picture Lake is rightfully titled since it is positioned in front of the mountain offering a perfect reflection if the day and moment is just right.   Even a slight breeze would ruin the perfect reflection shot I was after. I also wanted to go when the fall colors were out, so in October I ventured back and tried again. Unfortunately the fall colors weren’t as rich as I had hoped, but the day was perfect otherwise. We stayed until the sun went down and I’ve heard that the evening is the best time for the wind to be calm. The moon was coming up over the mountain too which was an added bonus. The photo above was the result of a perfect, windless evening at Picture Lake.

 If you are looking for information about Picture Lake or Heather Meadows you should go to my other blog post. I have included many photos of the area as well. Picture Lake Path/Heather Meadows

The photo above was taken on my first trip to Picture Lake. It was earlier in the day, there was a breeze, and it was mid summer so the foliage was more lush. A cloud wandered in front of the mountain but that didn’t bother me.

A friend went with me and snapped this photo of me high on a rock on one of the Heather Meadows trails. I kinda like it.:)


I must also add that I really enjoyed talking to the other photographers that were gathered at Picture Lake that day. They were all so friendly and offered each other great tips and encouragement. I really appreciate the comaraderie most photographers have with each other.


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3 thoughts on “Back to Picture Lake

  1. Hi, there! I just stumbled onto your site by searching “Washington tide pools.” 🙂 We recently moved to Anacortes, Washington from Oklahoma. I’ve had a great time photographing all the beautiful scenery around the PNW. Your photos are great and I enjoyed looking at them!


  2. Kimmie on said:

    I love these pictures! Even more your writing is wonderful!


  3. I must go to that lake someday. It’s such an iconic spot. Nice job.


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