Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Sunrise on Lake Cassidy

Lake Cassidy

Lake Stevens Wa.

Snohomish County


  (If anyone knows who the fisherman may be in this photo let me know so I can offer him a free print)

Lake Cassidy is a little lake just north of Lake Stevens near Hwy 9 in Snohomish County. It isn’t well known most likely because Lake Stevens is much larger (Lake Cassidy covers 125 acres  and Lake Stevens covers 1040 acres).  I only live a few miles from Lake Cassidy and drove by it for years before I even knew it was there, which is a good thing I think.The photos I am adding were actually taken a while back, but I recently realized that I hadn’t posted them on my blog. The photo at the top “Fisherman Sunrise” was published in the Seattle Times and was chosen to be in the Washington State Photographers Exhibition Competition. It didn’t win but to be included in such a competetive show is good enough for me!


 One morning I was driving my daughter to school and saw an awesome sunrise. I took a detour and was searching for a spot to see it better and came upon Lake Cassidy. There’s a convenient parking area (with a porta-potty) on the west side and right across the street is a small beach and a public boat launch.   The Centennial Trail runs along the eastern shoreline. Boats are allowed and the lake is stocked with largemouth bass, yellow perch, crappie, bullhead catfish, and rainbow trout. I always see fisherman there at sunrise. This spot has a perfect view of Mt. Pilchuck and the Cascades too. The sunrise is spectacular here. I love the mist that hangs above the water. It makes the scene so much more mystical.


This is one of my all time favorite photos. As soon as I saw it I instantly thought of Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. The photo above is a photoshop creation. 🙂


You can see Mt. Pilchuck’s reflection above the goose. I love how the sunrise glow is hitting the goose’s chest. 


The geese were actually very cooperative. They didn’t scatter and swim away like I thought they would. I had a few good moments to spend with my camera freezing this beautiful moment.


I was actually suprised to see that I had caught the flying bird’s reflection at the bottom of the image. 🙂

If you are lucky you may even see “George” or “Martha”, Lake Stevens’ resident eagles.


Directions to Lake Cassidy

Take Hwy 9 north, just past Lake Stevens, turn right on 60th st NE. Follow until it bends right and turns into 99th ave NE or South Lake Cassidy Rd. The parking lot and gravel boat launch will be immediately after the bend.


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