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Back to Fir Island

Fir Island, Skagit Valley Washington

Hayton Bird Reserve



My good friend brought me to Fir Island last year for a day of photography, and after a very successful day I knew I would have to return again. I live only a short distance from Skagit, so when the weather is cooperating I can easily drive up and see what is waiting for me. The snow geese are present from late fall to April, but the best time to go is after mid January when hunting season is over. For more details you can refer to my past post from last year. There are some incredible snow geese shots you might enjoy. FIR ISLAND 




I actually drove up on a whim one afternoon before sunset. I found a flock right next to the  Hayton Bird Reserve on Fir Island Road. I parked in the parking lot and was treated to a glorious sight when all the birds flew at once towards the bay to feed. The angle was perfect since Mt Baker was situated right behind them.






 From where I was standing the geese were headed straight for me. As they flew overhead  the sound was deafening, and I was a little wary of what may could fall my way. The sun was setting perfectly and the image of all the geese flying into sunset was breathtaking.


 As they flew towards the bay I noticed Mt. Rainier in the distance.  It looked so small from where I was standing.


So if you are ever in Skagit Valley or just have a desire to see thousands of Snow Geese flying all at once, head up to Fir Island and be patient. When you see a flock of snow geese feeding along the road, wait patiently and they will most likely fly off together offering a show like you have never seen. It is certainly a spectacle, one you will never forget.


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3 thoughts on “Back to Fir Island

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  3. This is funny. I’m pretty sure that’s me in your first photo here. There was a silhouette photo of my friend and I in almost the exact same spot that popped up on Art Wolfes blog a while ago as well! There must be something about that spot!

    Nice blog. It’s one that I’m sure to revisit!


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