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Everett Herald “Cutest Dog Contest”


**This photo was also featured in the 2009 PAWS Chicago annual calendar for the month of January.**

About 2 months ago I entered a photo I took of my Golden Retriever “Honey” into the Everett Herald’s “Cutest Dog” contest. I had forgotten that I entered the photo until I received a call a few days ago from the Herald informing me that I won first place. As the grand prize winner I will receive 4 tickets to an Everett Aqua Sox game on the 16th, which is “Bark in the Park” day. All visitors can bring their canaine if they so choose. As the winner I also get to throw out the first pitch accompanied by Honey. Of course I won’t be doing this so I recruited my 13 year old to to do the honors.

This is the article which I have print screened and pasted into photoshop not very successfully. 🙂


The original photograph is above. I titled it “Isn’t it spring?” The photo was taken in April and we were having an unusal snow day.

So on July 16th if you just happen to be at an Everett Aqua Sox game (this will be my first) remember to clap extra loudly for the “Cutest Dog” (at least out of 250 entries) , my Honey. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Everett Herald “Cutest Dog Contest”

  1. Ron Kinner on said:

    Another golden. (Picked up your blog on desticam.com) Everywhere I turn around there’s another golden. My neighbor is away for two days so we are watching her golden. Last evening my wife let it out in her backyard for an hour and it promptly dug an enormous hole under the fence and vanished.

    We frantically searched the neighborhood and just as it was getting too dark to see we saw a dog back in the bushes. Finally! Called it and it came and jumped in the car and we put it back in the neighbor’s house.

    The next morning we got a call from another neighbor saying I found the missing dog. How did it get out of the house we wondered? We went over and got it and brought it back and oops now we had TWO goldens that looked just alike to our untutored eyes. The same neighbor who had called recognized the first one as belonging to a neighbor on the next block. Seems we had dognapped her. Ours was a him which should have been a dead give away if we had looked but we never thought there would be two of them running around loose at the same time.

    Anyway, congrats on having the cutest of the local dogs.



  2. Caroline on said:



  3. This is an awesome picture. It tells so much but so little about what that golden might be looking at or thinking…nice work.


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