Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Skagit Valley Tulips.

Mount Vernon, Washington                                                                                                                           

May 2008


The Tulips of Skagit Valley are some of the best in the world. Every year people trek on up to Skagit to see the marvelous displays of multi-colored tulips. Fields upon fields of red, purple, yellow, white and a whole spectrum of colors as far as the eye can see.



The annual Tulip Festival usually runs through the month of April. This year since our spring weather was so crazy they extended the festival through May 4th. I don’t usually go to the actual festival anymore. There are usually many people around and it is tough to take photographs without people getting into the way. There is nothing worse than discovering a great shot and having a someone standing in it. J So rather than possibly be impatient with the people who are there to enjoy themselves, I try to plan on being there when I know not many people will. When the daffodils were in bloom I went before all of the fields were open to the public and it worked out very well. If you’d like to see my day with the daffodils click here when you are finished with the tulips.  🙂

This year I decided to try to get some tulip sunrise photos. I live about an hour away from Mt. Vernon so I had to be up pretty early. My oldest daughter went with me and we both stumbled out of the house before dawn. During the drive I had a sudden realization. I left my camera battery in the charger! We were almost there when I remembered, so my daughter lifted my spirits (she inherited the optimism that I usually have) and convinced me to go anyway even though all I had to use was a point and shoot camera. It was, however, a good idea since this gave us time to drive around and search for the perfect field. I was determined to go back the next day to get my tulip shots!

Unfortunately for me the sunrise was perfect that morning. It was a glorious mixture of yellow and orange and I am just glad that I was able to at least see it. I was extremely happy (and envious) for the photographers who were scattered throughout the fields who didn’t forget their camera battery, and were able to capture those amazing moments.

(My youngest daughter taking her own photos of the tulips) 

The next day my youngest daughter decided she would be the one to accompany me on my morning quest. The sky wasn’t looking too promising when we arrived, but we patiently waited to see if the sun would break through the clouds as it rose above the mountains. 


We had fun walking through the fields taking close-ups and perspective shots, but I was still hoping for some of the color I had seen the day before. I was actually quite impressed with some of the shots my 9 year old took with her little camera. Maybe we have a little photographer in the making.


 We decided to leave that field and go to another I had found the day before. The tulips were a deep red and the trees nearby were a perfect contrast.


So the only beautiful colors that day were those of the tulips. The sun never really produced the kind of sky I had seen the day before, but in the end it was well worth the two early morning trips. 


You don’t see this kind of beauty everyday. I am just lucky that it is practically in my backyard, and that I am able to experience this glorious spectrum year after year. So next year if you have never seen the Skagit Valley Tulips or Daffodils mark it on your calendar of things to do in April ’09. If you don’t mind the crowds attend the festival. It is great fun and there are so many activities. Click here for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival website so you can bookmark it for next year.



Oh yeah, these guys just happened to be in the next field and they all took a great deal of interest in our being there.


They couldn’t take their eyes off of us!


  **Please enjoy my photos but don’t use them without notification or my permission. If there is an image that you would like to use or would like as a print please contact me. 🙂


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