Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

San Juan Islands Fishing


June 2008

San Juan Islands Washington


When someone mentions the San Juan Islands you immediately think of Orca whales, pristine islands, great fishing, and of course the exciting journey getting to the islands though the Puget Sound. So when our good friends invited us on a fishing day trip to the islands a few weeks ago, I was more than excited.

The San Juan Archipelago is made up of hundreds of islands but only 15 are accessible by the Washington State Ferry. The others are reachable by plane or private boats. The islands are situated between the Strait of Georgia and the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the northern Puget Sound. The largest and most populated islands are San Juan, Lopez, Orcas and Shaw with ferry services to all four, and inter island ferry services amongst them as well.


The day of our fishing trip we left through Coronet Bay which is on Whidbey Island near Deception Pass. I was thrilled to find out we would be going through this particular boat launch. To access the Islands from here we would have to go under the Deception Pass Bridge which is an adventure in itself. The currents are turbulent and there are whirlpools which you can actually see if you are peering downwards while standing on the bridge. Boats always have a difficult time getting through this channel, so it’s thrilling and chilling at the same time.


The ride out to our friend’s fishing spot was a quick one. The small islands whizzed by as we enjoyed the rush of wind and spray of the water. I was looking and hoping to see an Orca Whale since they inhabit the San Juans. Unfortunately, the closest we came was a few cute seals bobbing their heads out of the water.


When we reached his fishing spot near Shaw Island (I won’t divulge the exact location since this is his hot spot and you know how guys get when it comes to fishing) the view was outstanding. Mt. Baker was in the background and the island was picture perfect. (See photo at the top of the page)

Right away we caught 4 Lingcod and we were excited. My children actually pulled a few in (with help) so they were very glad they came, and determined to catch more.

I think we caught a few Greenling too. It makes for such a better time fishing when you are actually catching some. Wow, actually catching fish, a beautiful day with great friends and a day at the incredible San Juan Islands. Doesn’t get any better than that. 🙂

We saw quite a few Madrona trees along the shore lines and if you have ever seen one of these you know they stand out beautifully. They have a gorgeous red bark and curvy branches. They are easily spotted when standing within the evergreens.

We saw float planes.






And after being on the boat for over 8 hours in the same fishing spot, I was so desperate for new scenery I even took photos of the fishing equipment.


When we arrived back at Coronet Bay, the sun was setting and I was able to get a few good sunset shots, which made my day complete.  If you haven’t already had the chance to visit the San Juans I wouldn’t waste anymore time. My next San Juan adventure will be to Lime Kiln State Park on San Juan Island. This is where you have a good chance of seeing the Whales from the island. So be sure to check back and hopefully I will have some incredible whale shots for you. Can you believe I have lived in the Pacific Northwest this long and I have yet to see a whale?

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  2. Just browsing around and came upon your site. Very solid post. Will be adding you to my RSS reader.


  3. Wow, you captured more than I did and I was there! Nice job lady!


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