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Roses and Spring Flowers, finally!!



May 2008

 Spring is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest. The flowers are in full bloom despite the confusing weather patterns that plagued us during early spring.



 The daffodil above was vibrantly blooming in late March, enjoying a spring shower while I took this photo.

                        About a week later the same lovely daffodil met with an unsually chilly morning. The Seattle area and the vicinity were treated to a late season dusting from an upper level low pressure system which came barreling down from Alaska.

My dog was as confused as we were.

20 days later another weather system brought snow and ice to the Pacific Northwest and it seemed like Winter had Spring in a choke hold. Being the patient Washingtonians that we are, Spring finally made a glorious appearance and the blooming flowers are here to prove it.

This daffodil had to endure an early spring snow and ice storm, and still it bloomed proudly.

My bleeding hearts came up in droves this year. The number of plants doubled from last year and produced some very delicate hearts.

Ever notice the water inside a bleeding heart?? One day my husband accidentally stepped on a branch, and as I removed it I looked closely and saw the water inside the hearts. I can’t believe I had never noticed that before! Lovely hearts!


My Clematis Montana bloomed gloriously after spending months of being a “not so attractive” vine, so I have been told. It is still in full bloom, and the pink from the flowers completely covers the wall in front of my home. This specific Clematis is very vigorous and fast growing. It was pretty small when I brought it home and within a few months it grew at record speed. Now I know what they mean by “vigorous”. It doesn’t need much sun either. I actually bought it for a spot in my yard that didn’t get any direct sun, so at first I wasn’t sure if it would thrive. After 4 years of no direct sun at all it is the largest and most vibrant vine I have.


I love the backs of the flowers as much as the fronts.

 This is a new trick I have just recently learned from one of my contacts on Flickr.  The image behind the water drop is refracted through the “lens” of the water. Not only do you  have to focus the camera lens, but the waterdrop acts as a lens as well. Both have to be in perfect focus. This can get tedious, but so much fun! Oh, the flower behind it is one of my bleeding hearts.

If you live in Washington you have to have at least a few obligatory tulips in your yard. This one however was found in Skagit Valley as I was photographing the fields of tulips at sunrise. It was all alone off to the side and looked so perfect.

This tulip was in my friend’s front yard. Her yard is so beautiful and she has many different flowers which will bloom through summer. I’ll just have to keep sneaking over in her yard when something beautiful presents itself.  You know there is always at least one yard in your neighborhood thats outshines the rest.

                                                         I love this perspective of a flower.


 This daisy was so yellow and so perfect. When I came in close for the macro shot it looked to me like a shining sun.

 Again I was experimenting with the waterdrops. This time I used a Clematis Montana from my vine. Perfect choice i think. The pink really stands out through the drop. I love my Clematis Montana.


 An early rose from my garden.

Another perspective I love.


This one was really trying to bloom.

I hope you all are enjoying this spring as much as I am. We all deserve the wonderful weather we have been having lately after the crazy winter/early spring we had to endure. So get out there, play in your garden and take advantage of our beautiful seasons here in the Pacific Northwest.

**Please enjoy my photos but don’t use them without notification or my permission. If there is an image that you would like to use or would like as print, please contact me. 🙂


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One thought on “Roses and Spring Flowers, finally!!

  1. G V Kumar on said:

    The first picture is amazing. I require your permission to use it for printing on our directory ( not commercial ).It will be used only it is agreed by our team and you.

    Thanks 4 ur co-operation.

    G V Kumar


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