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Heirman Wildlife Preserve

Heirman Wildlife Preserve

Snohomish Washington                                                                                                                               




One day while driving in Snohomish on our way back from Flower World, my daughter and I stopped at a park we had recently read about. On a whim we decided to walk the trail to see what we might bump into. Fortunately I had my camera with me.

Heirmann Wildlife Preserve is part of the Snohomish County parks and Recreation department, and it was at their site that I read about the extraordinary amount of birds that call this home. This park has 340 acres and is used for fishing, bird watching, and hiking. The Snohomish River runs through this preserve and there are 2 lakes here to house the fish and waterfowl. There are more than 80 species of birds, Bald Eagles, Hairy Woodpeckers, Great Blue Herons, plus songbirds, swans, and waterfowl.
After exploring more of the park we found the other lake and as I was taking photographs I heard footsteps and crunching leaves. I looked up and came face to face with a shaggy little deer that wasn’t even afraid of us being there. Initially he gave us a cautious look, and proceeded to eat the leaves off his favorite bushes. I was so close I could actually see his little deer teeth and tongue as he ate. What an incredible feeling it is being this close to nature.  
After spending quite a while enjoying the company of our shaggy friend, the rain droplets began to fall. I had my camera with me so I had to shove it in my jacket and continue to take photos from under the shelter of the trees. I didn’t see many birds, only one Robin happily holding a wiggling worm in his beak. (See above photo)
We could have stayed there all day if we could, but the rain became more persistent. Next time we will make sure the weather is better and fully take in the whole park. However, it will not compare to that day we spent with “our” little deer friend.  

**Please enjoy my photos but don’t use them without notification or my permission. If there is an image that you would like to use or would like as a print, please contact me.



Heirman wildlife preserve is located between Snohomish and Monroe. Get to Highway 9 and if you are coming from the north turn left on Broadway Avenue, if from the south turn right on Broadway.  In .8 mile, turn left on Connelly Road, and in another .8 mile turn left into the park.



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4 thoughts on “Heirman Wildlife Preserve

  1. That so exiting the pictures are fantastic and I love the wildlife so mush so I hope more of that


  2. wow
    just totally wow I love the pics!!!!


  3. hey i hope that you dont mind if i print the picture with a bird and a worm in its mouth for an art class. im doing a sketch of 2 animals so why not bird and worm. well keep up the great work im loving the pics!


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