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Daffodils in Skagit Valley

Skagit Valley Daffodils
Mt. Vernon Washington
March 22, 2008





It is March and the daffodils are blooming in Skagit Valley Washington. I recently went there to take some photos and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of blooming yellow flowers. There were rows upon rows of deep yellow daffodils creating dazzling lines of perspective. The color was amazing.






The weather wasn’t perfect, and the pleasant day the weatherman had promised me was slightly overcast, but at least it wasn’t raining. I knew that if I wanted to have some color in my sky to compliment my daffodil photos I’d have to stay until dusk.




My sister went along with me and we spent much of our time at “Roozengaards Flower and Bulbs.” They run the website Tulips.com. They are located in Mt. Vernon on Beaver Marsh Road and they have a spectacular 3 acre display of all kinds of flowers and bulbs.


They are also the largest flower bulb grower in the United States. I must say this place is very beautiful and they have a wide variety of flowers all laid out in wonderful patterns and displays. They also have a cute gift shop where you can purchase fresh cut bulbs to take home or have them shipped overnight to anywhere in the United States. The theme of the shop is flowers of course so they have all kinds of gifts. The field in which I spent most of my time photographing just happened to be just across the street from “Roozengaards.” The setting sun was its backdrop and the colors really accented the rows of daffodils.




We also spent much of our time driving from field to field to see the different shades of yellow and growing patterns of the daffodils. To find out which fields are in bloom there is an updated map here:




This map will tell you what fields are in bloom, what bulb is grown at that field and where they are located. They update it daily too.




The tulips will be in bloom soon and in Skagit Valley they have an annual Tulip Festival which will be taking place from April 1st to April 30th. They do have a disclaimer that bloom dates will be according to Mother Nature, which I thought was cute. Here is their website with all the information you’ll need.


You can bet I will be there on the best weather days with camera in hand to capture all the glorious colors just waiting to be enjoyed.



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