Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Lunar Eclipse

Last night was a lunar eclipse and living in the Pacific Northwest they gave us a 50/50 chance of actually seeing it. So we waited all day looking up at the clouds streaming by hoping the clouds would be totally gone by 7 . By four o’clock it was so clear that we were sure we would get a great view of something not expected to happen again until 2010. (Wow that sounds like a long time into the future) However by 7 pm all hopes were diminished and the sky was as dark as could be. We could only imagine what loomed behind the thick clouds. So in the house everyone went. Luckily my 9 year old kept peeking outside and 15 minutes later announced that she could see something.

The clouds parted permanently at that point and I grabbed my camera. I had adjusted the setting earlier but still wasn’t sure what I’d actually get. While the moon was in complete eclipse the shots were not as clear. And I hadn’t used my self timer which was the key to avoid camera shake. These photos were taken after I had figured that out.

I use my camera as often as I can, but this was a very cool experience. I was hoping other people didn’t give up like we did because of the clouds. It was an amazing sight to see, especially through a zoom lens. Maybe we should buy a telescope take up astronomy as well. 🙂


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