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Sunrise on Lake Cassidy

Lake Cassidy

Lake Stevens Wa.




**If you want to see the “Sunrise on Lake Cassidy” photo which was featured in the Seattle Times on July 17th click here.


I was taking my daughter to school this morning and noticed a colorful sunrise developing over the Cascades. The sky was pink and the clouds were perfectly strewn across the sky.




Since it is now November and our picture perfect sunrises will be less frequent due to the return of the typical grey clouds we will have until spring, I knew of a perfect spot to experience the magnificence developing before me.  Lake Cassidy is minutes from my house just off Hwy 9, between Lake Stevens and Marysville. I pass the turn almost everyday but haven’t been there more than a handful of times.











The sun wasn’t quite above the horizon yet and the thick layer of fog hanging over the lake created a mystical feel. Mt. Pilchuck stood proudly in the background reflecting in the still water.




For anyone who knows me or have seen my photos, you know how much I love reflections and clouds. I was really enjoying myself.



It was so quiet and still. I wished I could stay longer.



Simply breathtaking



What a great way to start the day.









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6 thoughts on “Sunrise on Lake Cassidy

  1. Wow,
    Those are beautiful–I need to re-visit Washington soon!


  2. RE: Lake Cassidy
    My father drowned in a boating accident at Lake Cassidy on August 8, 1972 – my 12th birthday. : – (
    I have never been there, but will be visiting Memorial Day weekend this year, 2008, for the first time.

    I’ve always known he died doing something he loved (fishing), but had no idea how beautiful that lake is as well.

    Thank you for showing the beauty.


  3. i was honestly having 2nd thoughts if i’d leave a comment or not coz my internet connection’s awfully slow..i just could not help it though..got to tell u you’ve got really superb photos! all of them! 😉


  4. witch1 on said:

    Thank you for the great photo’s..I live at Lake Cassidy and plan to stay…Blessings…P.S. stop by the little old resort with the same name.


    • Steve on said:

      You said you live at the lake. We are looking to buy there and maybe build a house. Is the lake useable for swimming and recreation? Is it clean? Thanks. Steve.


  5. I really like the pics. I spent every summer since i was little at Lake Cassidy. My grandparents (Ann & Ben Dykton) ran the little resort there.


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