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Craven Pumpkin Farm/Snohomish Wa.

Craven Pumpkin Patch

Harvey Airfield

Snohomish Wa.




Last Sunday we ended our day at Craven Pumpkin patch to buy our yearly Halloween pumpkins as we have done since the children were very young. I like Craven I suppose because of the great memories we have had there and because of the setting. There are 20 acres of pumpkins, corn fields and a stunning backdrop of the fall trees.


Craven Farms

When the children were younger we would always participate in the storytime tour about a certain field mouse and the kids would receive a pumpkin cookie. Now that they are older the cute stuff isn’t so appealing, so instead we head straight for the kettle corn, hot apple cider, and the sweet, buttery corn on the cob. They have several nursery rhyme themed exhibits for the kids to view which always includes a pumpkin as the main character. I look at these now and are saddened by the lack of interest by my children. They once would run from one to the next, now they simply walk by with a single glance. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


After the snacks it was time to embark on the vigilant search for the perfect pumpkin. Since we went late in the season the selections were limited. Needless to say it took a while to find one that everyone agreed on which was fine for me since I was busy taking pictures.


While on our way back to check out we all noticed a few hot air balloons coming our way. This was very exciting as the kids had never seen one up close, and I was happy that I had my camera with me. I try to take it with me wherever I go but it seems like when I don’t have it the perfect photo opportunities arise.


 The sun was starting to set as well so my excitement grew. We knew the balloons would be headed for Harvey Airfield in Snohomish which was only a few minutes away, so my husband hurried to pay so we could try and follow the balloons to hopefully watch the landing. So a few more pumpkin patch photos and we were on our way.


 The cloud coverage against the setting sun made for a beautiful backdrop for the hot air balloons.  The sillouette was spectacular.




This is when our chase began. We drove through the farmlands of Snohomish keeping an eye on the balloons and as luck would have it they traveled right over our heads.


It was interesting how the sunset could be so dark in the west but in the east it was still very bright. We parked by the airfield at Stocker Farms and our position was perfect.


The cascade mountains and stratus clouds were the perfect setting for this landing. I can only imagine the unbelievable views the occupants had.





(My two favorite shots) 



The landing was thrilling to watch. We could see the operators on the ground scurrying to bring them down gently and straight. This was the perfect vantage point to watch them float by and land.



So if you are ever in Snohomish, which is a small town east of Everett, and see a hot air balloon this is the place to go for the best view. Small airplanes land here regularly too which is fun for kids and for airplane enthusiasts. There is actually a spot just off the road where you can park or stand to watch them fly right over. Stocker Farms is a favorite of ours as well, so it was a convenient place to watch the balloons and browse their fresh products.

This is all located off Hwy 9 and Airport Way/Marsh Road in Snohomish Wa.




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9 thoughts on “Craven Pumpkin Farm/Snohomish Wa.

  1. Looks like a fun day! Great photos of a beautiful area. I enjoyed them all, especially the balloon shots with the fall foliage colors.






  3. It’s so much fun for me to see your photos cuz I’m stuck in Southern California when I’d rather be in Washington…
    My boys played a lot of soccer at Stocker Fields…


  4. Ellen, where in Southern California are you? I grew up in Northridge in the San Fernando Valley.


  5. Lana G! on said:

    Ellen’s on her way to comment!


  6. Annie,
    I live in Camarillo right now. We still own a home in Washington State that my kids live in and take care of for us. I’ll be in Seattle area from thanksgiving till new years yippee!! Lana and I grew up in Montebello and Whittier, California…


  7. cool photos! we should go out and do some traditional old school photography.


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  9. Hi people, HAPPY HALOWEEN! A little late..!


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