Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Kayak Point


Kayak Point

Stanwood Washington

Snohomish County Park



Kayak Point is one of our favorite beaches to go for swimming, crabbing, boating and camping. It is located close to our house, so it is quite convenient for even an unplanned beach day.


Kayak is known for its calm surf, which is probably why kayakers love it. The beach is littered with driftwood logs and sticks. We usually roll a few large logs into the water and the kids have an instant wooden raft. The driftwood is plentiful and the kids love to climb and make forts with the smaller logs they can move.


We have had many BBQ’s on the beach and we have been crabbing several times. One such time, we caught seventeen Dungeness crabs, and had a crab feast for our family and friends on the beach.


We love to camp at kayak as well. They don’t have as many sites as a state park and reservations are necessary. They have a “Yurt Village”, which are tent structures with heat, electricity, and beds. We have never tried a yurt, but friends say it is just like tent camping, but more comfortable. The campsites are quiet and clean and they have shower facilities as well. 



Boating is also fun at Kayak. They have a boat launch and Port Susan is the waterway with Camano island right across the bay.


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3 thoughts on “Kayak Point

  1. GREAT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BBQ GRABS? GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  3. Muzi Partington on said:

    HI, How does one get to Kayak point from Burlington WA (North of Kayak)? Thanks, Muzi


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