Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Greider Lakes Hike

Greider Lakes Hike

Sultan Washington

Mt. baker/Snoqualmie Forest

August 12th 2006


Grieder Lake

The Greider Lake hike was one that we experienced without our children. We went with our friends who we do much of our outdoor activities with. I have to say now that this is a hike I will never forget. It was tough, but the reward of making it to the lake made it all worthwhile.



We planned an overnighter since it is a three mile hike up to the lake, and what a hike it is! The elevation gain is 1400 ft and there are about 40 tight switchbacks the first hour, complete with steep, wooden and rock stair steps.





Despite the difficulty of the hike, the lake was beautiful and it was a great experience, well worth the sweat. Of course, as with all hikes, as soon as you make your destination you forget how challenging it was.



“Little Greider Lake”


When we reached Little Grieder Lake we were tempted to camp there. The campsites we saw were in excellent shape, but we decided to go the rest of the distance to big Greider Lake. As we came over a ridge and caught our first view of the lake, it was breathtaking. The lake appeared to be sitting in a large bowl surrounded by cascading rocks and tall timber.


The campsites were small and damp, not big enough for our two small tents to fit comfortably. I think I would have preferred the campsites at Little Greider, although I wouldn’t have traded the experience of Big Greider. The insects were a problem though, mainly at the campsite. We quickly cleaned up, relaxed a bit and started dinner, all the while battling the bugs.


Our campsite

That particular night we were lucky enough to observe a Perseid  Meteor Shower, a usual occurrence in August. Only it was more unusual for us considering where we were.


Filtering the drinking water.

At the end of the lake near our camp were hundreds of drift logs laying in the water, some side by side and some draped over each other. We decided that this would be a perfect spot to view the meteor shower later that evening. We chose a flat spot of vertical logs where one log was situated to be used as a backrest. We all laid down, pretty comfortably actually, and we experienced a meteor shower like never before. I was amazed. The meteors were so bright and explosive. One particular meteor will be etched into my mind forever. It shot across the western part of the sky and we all witnessed it. It was so large and bright like a fireball with the most amazing coloring. It traveled rather slowly as well, enabling us to take a good look. It was incredible. I guess that is one of the reasons why this trip will be so memorable. We experienced an amazing night with great friends.


Early morning.

The next morning was spent cooking breakfast and preparing to fish the lake, well the guys anyway. They made it to the west side of the lake by jumping logs and wading through the water.




Fishing and Jumping.

We joined the guys later and after about 2 hours of fishing and jumping into the lake, it was time to pack up and head back down the trail. We hated to leave, but we all have children at home waiting for us with anxious grandparents, most likely hoping for our quick return.



Our last few moments at the lake.



I was hoping it would be much easier going back down. Hiking back went more quickly, but was hard on the knees and ankles due to the many wooden stair steps and rocks.



Hiking back

I am not sure if I would do this hike again. Not because it wasn’t a rewarding trip, more so because I want to keep the memory of our amazing experience alive without any comparison. I don’t think I could have had a better weekend.


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  1. awesome! i am thinking of going up there this weekend!


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