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Camping at Baker Lake

Baker Lake

Highway 20 near Concrete Washington 


Baker Lake is located near Concrete Washington, just past Baker Lake Resort. We camped there last summer for 3 days and aside from a few “pests”, we had an overall great time. Some friends knew of a spot along the road where a few makeshift campsites are set up next to the lake, and you can camp without a fee and it is completely private. Of course there are some drawbacks, no bathrooms or garbage cans, but we are used to hiking so we made do.


When we arrived it was after dark and they had camp already set up. We couldn’t appreciate how amazing the campsite was, especially the view of Mt. Baker, until the sun came up the next morning. We were amazed at how peaceful the lake was, and how much privacy we had.


                                             What a great spot for camping!


Our friends had set up hammocks, horseshoes, and a tree swing was already provided, the perfect set up for five kids and four tired adults. The kids had a great time playing near the lake in a clearing, climbing on boulders and collecting treasures.


Swimming in the lake was a high point for everybody. It was pretty warm and we needed to cool off. The water wasn’t too cold, and after a while it felt great.


Our friend rented a boat for the day so we took the kids boating and fishing. It seemed as though we were the only people out on the nine mile long lake, and it was the weekend!


The kids took turns jumping out of the boat into the water, and we headed for a spot south of us where some trails are located along with a very cold rushing creek.  The kids loved taking turns sitting in the front of the boat, feeling the spray of the water.


 The only downside to our weekend was at night. There are resident field mice around the campsite and you can hear them scurrying around at night. The second night we forgot to get rid of our garbage bag which hung on the tree next to the tent I was sleeping in. Through the tent window, I could see the mice going in and out of the garbage bag, creating a swinging motion. I am not very tolerant of rodents, so I didn’t get much sleep that night. Other than that, the campsite was amazing.(You can see in this picture the white garbage bag and the tent I was sleeping in!)


The day we left, we decided to visit the dam that created the lake from the Baker River. We then found a popular fishing spot and fished the rest of the day where we stayed until dusk, determined to catch a few fish.



We were all were competing for the largest catch.


And the winner was….


If anyone is interested in this amazing camping spot, and you don’t mind a few mice, the spot is rather easy to find. Take Hwy 20, North Cascades Hwy, and turn left on Baker Lake Road. You’ll drive for quite a while, then after you pass Baker Lake Resort, it is one of the larger campsites on the right side of the road. You will have to park on the side of the road, but not too many cars pass by.


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7 thoughts on “Camping at Baker Lake

  1. Hi- Thinking about heading up here- can you tell me how the roads are up there? I have a big truck and 31′ long Airstream trailer and am wondering how well it would “fit” up there.



  2. Well, from what I remember the roads are narrow but we were able to park our minivan and our friend’s car on the side of the road. You then climb down a small embankment to the campsite. You can’t park in the campsite. My husband seems to recall that the road may be a dirt road. It’s been a while since we were there so I am not sure about that. Have a great time if you do end up going. 🙂


  3. Stephany on said:

    Hey! great pictures! pretty familiar with the area; my husband and i and our 3 kids would like to try to find your campsite! about how far down the gravel road do you think? any info would be appreciated. we are leaving this wednesday. thank you!


  4. Great pictures! I love going up there in the summer. The air and water are clean and the view are second to non. Cheers!


  5. Camille on said:

    Hi, fun pics and thanks for the post. I was wondering if you knew where your friend rented a boat at? I’ve been looking online for days and can’t seem to find canoe rentals at/near Baker Lake to save my life.


  6. We followed your directions from this blog and found a fantastic camp site. I don’t think it was the same site, but it was still great. Once you hit the dirt road you need only to drive for a about 5 minutes, then there are a number of great sites! If you go too far, you will need a State camping decal to park, but there are some great spots before that. The best one was just before a bridge (about 5 minutes on the dirt road), but it was occupied. We stayed in the one just after the bridge. We came down from Canada and would recommend the spot to anyone in the Lower Mainland, as it was just under 2 hrs to get there.

    Thanks again for the directions to such a great camping site.

    Adam & Kim


  7. Heidi on said:

    I grew up camping at Baker Lake… my parents took me and my brother when we just babies and I an now 45 yrs old, my daughter also grew up camping at baker lake. Love it up and would recommend it to anyone!!!!


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