Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Troublesome Creek Hike

Location: On the North Fork of the Skykomish River in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Highway 2, near Index


On an almost summer day in June we went on a short hike to Troublesome Creek located in the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. This was our first hike of the season and since we have small legs in our child friendly hiking group we chose a short 1 mile hike along an old-growth pine and fir trail.  Troublesome Creek runs alongside the trail and it is a stunning blue-green natural creek fed by glacier-melt. Of course to get a better view we all climbed down to a spot where the smooth boulders gathered to create a flat area within arms reach of the rushing water. The kids dipped their hands into the icy water, climbed on top of the massive boulders, and marveled at the force of the creek smashing and squeezing through the rocks.


 I was amazed at how smooth the boulders were and how the water collected there in small pools of completely clear water on the side of the creek. I had never seen rocks formed into such smooth rounded shapes from the force of water.



The trail was pretty easy for the kids even for our youngest member 4 year old Antonio. After searching for and finding the perfect walking stick we proceeded on the trail. The trees were beautiful and I found that the moss hanging down from the trees was a real treat for me because everyone knows I love moss. I even have Irish moss growing in my retaining bricks in my front yard. The best place to see moss is Olympic National Park…the only rain forest in the US and one of my favorite places.



We found the wooden bridge that crossed over the creek to be a great place to take photos of the kids. We didn’t stick mainly to the trail as the kids were anxious to explore the forest, but we did keep the trail in sight.


After taking our time on the trail we looked for a perfect lunch spot and found it. We followed a small path down to the creek and found a large clearing of rocks and boulders right next to a calm section of the creek. The boulders were perfect chairs to rest and eat our lunch. After lunch the kids were able to climb the rocks and explore the shore. We stayed there for what seemed like a very long time. The kids were completely happy playing, discovering, and challenging the rocks as they tried to cross small sections of the water.



 The trail ended soon after that and the kids said goodbye to the creek and I know they had a great day. I had a great time, took many great photos, and thoroughly enjoyed being in the forest with great company. While driving back to Hwy 2 I was fascinated by the view of Mt. Index towering over us, for anyone who knows me knows that of course I had to jump out of the car for one last picture. 🙂


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