Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Mukilteo Beach Low tide

Mukilteo State Park

Mukilteo, Washington


“Peering into a tide pool is like looking
through a window into another world… “

James Luther Davis

Mukilteo beach is by far my favorite place to experience the extremely low tides we have here in the Puget Sound.  The rocky terrain offers opportunities to view the incredible sea creatures exposed only during low tides. Just turn over a rock and you have a family of starfish or a beautiful anemone all closed up waiting for the water to return. There are crabs, hermit crabs, all kinds of anemones, chitons (mollusks), and so many other inter-tidal invertebrates that I don’t have names for.





Mukilteo beach is also known for its lighthouse and the Mukilteo ferry terminal. The lighthouse was built in 1906 on Elliot point and was given to the City of Mukilteo from the US coast guard in 2001. Now tours of the lighthouse are given daily. The ferry sails to Clinton Washington on Whidbey Island every half hour. (Whidbey Island, another one of my favorite places).



Mukilteo beach is also wonderful for a normal day at the beach. The driftwood logs make great back rests and play structures for the kids. I remember many years ago, going to Mukilteo in the late afternoon, resting against a log, enjoying dusk on the beach. Very tranquil. For some reason the wind is perfect for kite flying, many people fly their amazing kites on a large stretch of grass behind the beach. It is great fun to watch.


One of the two ferries that sail to Whidbey Island all day, every day.



Driftwood climbing structure





Beautiful Starfish. Don’t worry, we always put back what we touch.


 Cool Mukilteo sea creatures




Some kind of anemone, strange looking I know.


Hermit crabs, chitons and other mysterious creatures.


Not sure what this is, most likely an anemone of some sort.

           Click to increase size






                Baby stingray










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2 thoughts on “Mukilteo Beach Low tide

  1. We just moved to Mukilteo from the deseret, and are very much enjoying sea life, and sea creatures. We saw gray whales jumping the other day. This is like heaven for us. Hoping to have the discoveries you have shown in these picture. Thank you for sharing.


    • Marty on said:

      We ar ein the process of moving from Tennessee to Mukilteo. Very nervousm but very excu=ited, Than you for posting your pictures, My toddlers are learning about low tides befre we get out there.


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