Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Boulder Cave

Naches Ranger District USFS Wenatchee 

We experienced this hike a while back but I remember it like it was yesterday. A friend encouraged us to do this hike for he had spent his younger years playing here. To get to this trail you have to go over Chinook Pass, which was incredible. The view of Mount Rainier was amazing, so we all had to get out for pictures. There was snow on the ground and it was July! The kids loved it.


Mt. Rainier


The trail is about a mile and a half of forest of Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine, with a 400 ft. elevation gain. We ended up carrying our youngest for part of the way. When we reached the cave we were all in awe. Cold air billowed out of the large, dark opening.  


 The cave/tunnel is 200 feet and there are resident bats, which we did not tell the children until we were out. The cave is made of basalt and the kids had fun making echo sounds.


  If you plan on experiencing Boulder Cave, make sure you bring a flashlight or two. We had forgotten ours and the walk through the middle was in complete darkness. Thrilling, but somewhat creepy for our younger child.



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2 thoughts on “Boulder Cave

  1. Hello Annie:

    What a web site (:>, a beautiful family in a beautiful area…everyone looks very well! thanks Annie (:>



  2. JULIE on said:

    hey really nice page annie im gald that you get to enjoy Seattle, i hope one day to be there again so i can be apart of our amazing state that we have. love Julie


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