Our Life in the Pacific Northwest

Boardman Lake Hike

Boardman Lake Hike 2006

Location: Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls.

Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie forest

One day in late summer, my friend and I decided to head to the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls for a day hike with the kids. There are so many hikes to choose from in this region near the Verlot forest service center. It is also close to our home which makes for a short drive.


Boardman Lake sounded perfect for what we were looking for. It is one mile each way, short enough for our little ones, and there is a lake at the end for the kids to swim, perfect! The drive to the trailhead is rather steep, reaching about 2,800 ft. The trail itself has about a 200 ft. elevation gain. The trailhead was a little hard to find, but somehow we stumbled upon it, actually one of the kids found it.


The trailhead starts out in an old growth forest next to Lake Evan, which is rather small. The trail is maintained well with fun bridges to walk across, and giant cedars. At the lake there are campsites and a backcountry toilet. We are thinking this would be a great spot to choose for the kid’s first overnight backpacking trip. The hike is short, there is a backcountry toilet and the lake is beautiful. We found one particular campsite that is big enough for all of us and it has an amazing view of the lake. 

As we ate our lunch by the side of the lake, the kids were anxious to swim. The shoreline is rocky but not as bad as others, the kids didn’t seem to mind. I always use aqua socks for the younger ones. The water is shallow on one end, so the water was warm enough for a long swim.


  After about 2 hours of swimming, playing and climbing on the boulders on the shore, we headed back. The kids were cooled off and tired, the return trip was quieter and the ride home silent since most of our group fell asleep. The perfect end to a perfect day. 








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