George and Martha: Lake Steven’s Resident Eagles

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George and Martha
Lake Stevens, Washington
August 19th, 2012

Last month I was deeply saddened when I found out that one of our Lake Stevens resident eagles, affectionately known as George and Martha, was killed by a lightning strike in a 125ft tree near the lake.  The news reports had said that a bald eagle was found in the rubble of a tree that was struck by lightning at about 9am July 13th and that a juvenile eagle was spotted in a tree close by.  They believe that the juvenile was the offspring of the adult eagle which made the news even more heartbreaking.

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100,000 hits!!

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My blog hit 100,000 hits and I didn’t even notice! I looked at my sidebar just now and saw that it’s at 101,762 hits! Thanks to everyone who actually reads it and comments!

I promise I will find the time to post more regularly. :)

Northwest Folklife Festival 2011

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Folklife Festival 2011

Seattle Center


I went to Folklife this year with my 19 year old daughter.  The weather was perfect and we had a really great time enjoying the music and the people. People watching is one of my favorite activities and there were all kinds at Folklife this year. Some very talented ones, and some in need of a good bath. :)

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Downtown Seattle Wa.

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Seattle Washington

Spring 2011 

Slow exposure photography taken from the Jose Rizal Bridge in south Seattle near I9o.

 I have wanted to try this for a long time after reading up on this particular bridge

 which is well known for slow exposure Seattle shots. When I arrived there were

3 other photographers alreadyset up with their tripods and cameras.

I had to find a spot where I wouldn’t be in someoneelse’s shot. When they

had all left I was able to get this shot of the rail which I felt added depth to the photo.

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Back to Picture Lake

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Picture Lake/Heather Meadows

Mt Shuksan/Mt Baker.

Mt Baker Snoqulamie National Forest


I visited Picture Lake a while back with a friend and was hoping to get a perfect shot of Mount Shuksan reflecting in the lake. Picture Lake is rightfully titled since it is positioned in front of the mountain offering a perfect reflection if the day and moment is just right.   Even a slight breeze would ruin the perfect reflection shot I was after. I also wanted to go when the fall colors were out, so in October I ventured back and tried again. Unfortunately the fall colors weren’t as rich as I had hoped, but the day was perfect otherwise. We stayed until the sun went down and I’ve heard that the evening is the best time for the wind to be calm. The moon was coming up over the mountain too which was an added bonus. The photo above was the result of a perfect, windless evening at Picture Lake.

 If you are looking for information about Picture Lake or Heather Meadows you should go to my other blog post. I have included many photos of the area as well. Picture Lake Path/Heather Meadows

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Wow! 90,000 hits!!

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I didn’t even realize I had 0ver 90,000 hits! I wonder how long till I get to 100,000?? :)

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse 12/21/2010

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Time lapse video of Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010

Unfortunately, since we live in the Pacific Northwest we were only given a 20% chance of being able to see the eclipse. I am an optimist by nature, so I remained hopeful. When the clouds parted last night and it looked like we were going to get our chance, I was delighted and almost giddy. This was the first time in 500 years that a lunar eclipse would accompany the Winter Solstice. (Winter Solstice is when the North Pole and the Northern Hemisphere are tilted farthest from the sun).  This day also officially marks the beginning of winter and thus has the longest night of the year.

So I gathered my stuff and ran outside to set up. Within a few minutes I had my camera perfectly angled on the tripod and my remote in hand. As I was setting my settings I looked up and those pesky clouds started moving in on my moon! My eternal optmism kept me from packing up as I stood there almost shivering. I waited…and waited…and waited. It wasn’t until a few light sprinkles forced me to give up and retreat inside the house. Facebook called out to me and I announced my defeat. I then found myself chatting and texting with friends as we all kept checking to see if the clouds were clearing. A friend in Reno Nevada had clear skies and described what she saw. I was jealous. We won’t be seeing another Lunar Eclipse untl April 15, 2014.

I love the Pacific Northwest, really I do.